did this all start?

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    Ebony was born and raised in Chesapeake, Virginia. The neighborhood that she grew up in, allowed her to desire more in life.

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    Much of her upbringing was in a neighborhood where she saw a lot of interesting activities go on.


    From violence, to drug addicts, she witnessed a lot as
    a young girl.

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    Nonetheless, it was a neighborhood with people who were genuine and became like family. Her passion for being great and empowering others started in that very neighborh

Many of us find ourselves in environments where success seems like a far reach. However, what matters most is what you choose to do in any environment that you're in. If I can overcome obstacles and be successful,so can you.What's your definition of success anyway?

- Ebony Love


Her upbringing and tenacious mindset has allowed her to persevere through life and inspire others to be resilient.


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