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Lindsey Anderson: A true change agent

Have you ever met a person who is all- around amazing? I mean, wow. I met Lindsey Anderson about two years ago at a conference that we both spoke at. Her presence immediately lit up the room, and when she spoke, it was with such a gentle power. Not only is Lindsey a phenomenal speaker, but she is the owner of Vision Driven ,LLC and Vision Driven 757,Inc. Both businesses are extremely powerful and are growing at a rapid paste. Lindsey has implemented several conferences and community events throughout the Hampton Roads area. She's very professional and everything she does is always done with her whole heart, it shows.

Her passion for serving people is out of this world. In the midst of a pandemic, she was able to give over 8500 lunches to children and families throughout the Hampton Roads area. She is indeed a world changer. Often, people are focused on talking about change, but Lindsey is focused on being the change. She is the prime example of a leader in action. She also believes in the power of unity and collaboration, and has a dynamic team who helps her execute the visions that God gives her.

I recently interviewed Lindsey, and she emphasized the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people, seeking God, and letting go of control. She acknowledged that once she let God lead her, things began to work in her favor. Her humble spirit and willingness to trust God, has enabled her to be in rooms that she never imagined to be in. She's doing impeccable things in this world, and she hasn't even seen her best days yet. Wow.

There are a million great things that I could say about Lindsey Anderson, but I want to allow you the opportunity to explore her website and connect with her at

You can also find her on Instagram @love_li_me and Facebook @Lindsey Anderson

Thank you for reading!


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