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"Blind" A short film

Everything is a choice right? Do you think that it is just as important to own up to your choices as it is to choose? That was a little deep, but I'm sure you understood. Speaking of choices, Cliffton Williamson of Chesapeake, Virginia, chose to write a short film called "Blind". First off, the title alone speaks volume, so you know its a pretty powerful storyline. Clifton actually wrote, directed and played a role in this short film. When asked what inspired him to do it, Mr. Williamson stated, "the inspiration came from God" When interviewing Mr. Williamson and the rest of his cast, I could tell that their passion was extremely symbiotic.. The five main roles in this film are Anger, Envy, Greed, Lust and Pride. Ironically enough, the people who played each role said that they could actually relate to the role they were playing as well as other roles. I love the fact that this short film is relatable and can touch many lives.

Furthermore, there are always challenges when it comes to any production, and the cast members were honest about the few challenges that they faced. They didn't have many, but one challenge they faced was when they all had to put contacts in their eyes. A couple of the cast members had a hard time, but they operated as a team to overcome the obstacle. One thing about this team is that they heavily supported each other on and off set. Williamson stated "During our first table read, we all clicked instantly and I knew that I had chosen the right people". It is amazing when people can come together and create as if they had known each other forever.

Moreover, this is a short film that you must see. From the synopsis and just by talking to the cast, I know that this short film is going to touch so many lives. These young African American men and women got together and created something that will not go unnoticed. There are so many people who are going to watch this short film multiple times because of the many lessons that are in it. I know that I was on the edge of my seat when I was talking to the cast, so I can only imagine how much it will impact my life when I actually view it. "Blind" is such a powerful word and can represent many different things. Huge congrats to everyone who participated in this short film and I am certain that many lives will be changed. As we all know, everything is a choice and I commend Clifton Williamson for choosing to answer the call and create such an amazing short film.

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